"I have questions? I have feedback. What should I do?"

To particpate in an ongoing dialogue regarding the renewal & revitalization process, please follow us at www.dartmouthsportsplex.wordpress.com. The opportunity to provide live comments exists, however, please be advised that any comments deemed offensive, rude, or inappropriate will be removed.

As well, any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact our General Manager: Max Chauvin at feedback@dartmouthsportsplex.com.

Also, letters can be mailed in to:

Dartmouth Sportsplex
attn: Max Chauvin
110 Wyse Rd
Dartmouth, NS
B3A 1M2

or faxed to: (902) 464-2902

And Max can also be reached by phone: 464-2600, ext. 304.

We hope you take the opportunity to read through everything and share your thoughts with us.

We look forward to your feedback & comments, and, as inquiries & comments come in, will be posting them for our users & community to see.