Revitalization Update: Summer 2015


We are so excited to announce that the Dartmouth Sportsplex revitalization initiative is moving forward. 

As you may be aware Halifax Regional Council has approved the revitalization project and on Friday July 10th the Municipality put out a call for proposals to prepare the construction documents. 


Since 1982 the Dartmouth Sportsplex has been providing health, fitness, recreation and community meeting/event spaces to the residents of the Municipality.  During this time the needs and wants of residents have changed and the facility is in need of updating.  In 2010 we began a public consultation process to determine what a revitalized Dartmouth Sportsplex should look like, ready to serve the community for another 30 years.

Based on that work the revitalization will include the construction of a gymnasium, updating of locker rooms, meeting rooms, studio spaces and the common areas of the building.  It will also include relocating the Customer Service desk to the main entrance off the parking lot and examining the feasibility of adding a new water feature to the pool.  The development of a new program and service base model will be critical as the Sportsplex wants as many people as possible to have access and options to be active and have fun. 


This work starts this fall and is expected to take approximately 70 weeks (16 months) to complete prior to physical construction starting.  It includes the following:

Updating the concept drawings that were presented last year based on the feedback from customers and staff;
Incorporating additional infrastructure repairs and maintenance work, such as work on the roof;
Developing the plans and documents for construction, such as blueprints;
Deciding when and how to proceed with the construction work itself;
Drafting a final project budget; and,  
Creating the bid documents for the construction work.

This means that there will be no impact on our programs or your usage of the Sportsplex in 2016.

By early fall 2016 we will be able to provide an update on how the construction team intends to proceed with the physical renovations and details of how your Sportsplex experience may be impacted in 2017 and into 2018.

If you would like more information about the revitalization I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you and answer your questions.  Please don’t hesitate to stop me in the hall, send me an e-mail, or give me a call.

Also you can follow the progress of the work at

Max Chauvin E:
General Manager P: 902 464 2600 ext. 304